Easter People 2007

Posted by Chalky on Apr 16, 2007 in Church, Random

I have just come back from Easter People in Blackpool. This year marks the last Easter People in its current form which I think is a great shame. What I think is more of a shame is that they have ended Easter People with quite frankly the worst one I have ever been too, including the one where Andy Frost manged to load a virus onto my laptop which deleted my coursework!

The sound in the vast majority of events was terrible and, apart from Adrian Plass, I didn’t really go to very many events at all. The highlight of the week was going to see Paul Field’s Cargo in the main venue. The production is about marking the bicentenial of the abolition of the slave trade and how that came about. But, it also talks about today’s issues and how, in reality, people are still being trafficed and sold.

However, when I look back at Easter People, I will always remember the good times. I have enjoyed Easter People at so many different levels it’s very hard to explain. It will always have a place in my memories. It’s just a shame that this was the last one.

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