R.I.P. Old Orange Lady

Posted by Chalky on Sep 18, 2007 in Random

I went to check how many minutes I had left today and was horrified to find the familiar Orange lady which has greeted me for the past goodness knows how many years is gone! To make matters worse the calm RP talking lady has been replaced with some commoner with a London accent! Oh well, I guess it’s to match Orange’s fall in Customer Service.

It is rather amusing however to listen to the number of minutes and messages you have left as they’ve forgotten to replace some of the dialogue so you get a mash-up of RP and Londener!

Orange Auto Attendant Mashup

The Orange Answerphone is still to recieve the new voice-over so listen quickly before she disappears forever!


Just give us an iPhone Steve!

Posted by Chalky on Sep 17, 2007 in Technology

Just not on O2…

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But in all seriousness, is the iPhone really up to the European Market? I don’t really think it is, for several reasons:

  • No 3G

Although 3G reception is nowhere near blanket, and it doesn’t work half the time, to not have this feature in a “smart” phone is a complete step in the wrong direction. EDGE is terrible for carrying data and blindingly expensive, and whereas the US may have more Wireless Hot Spots over there, we certainly do not have much in the way of coverage and who wants to pay the extortionate rates the likes of T-Mobile and BT want to charge you. But it’s not just data, people are slowly becoming used to the idea of Video Calling, with no 3G and no secondary camera, this is an impossibility with the iPhone.

  • Purchasing Ringtones through the iTunes Music Store

Am I the only person who thinks this is an absolute joke? Mobile Phones, in the UK at least, have had the ability for users to stick any MP3 (and often several other audio formats) on there phone and set it as the ringtone, and quite often message alert. I know US phones are often a lot more restricted than UK phones but still, paying for a ringtone? What a joke. It might not be so bad if it was a couple of pence or so, but charging the same amount as the actual song for a ringtone that’s limited to a maximum of 30 seconds? I’m sorry, I don’t think so.

  • A low resolution camera

Before you say, it’s a phone, not a camera. Well then, you might as well get rid of the Wi-Fi, iPod, Google Maps, e-mail…. You get my drift. When I first got a camera phone, I thought I’d hardly use it. In reality, I’m finding that I’m using it as much, if not more, as my ‘real’ camera. The reason being is that it’s always in my pocket and I can snap things at any random moment, whereas I don’t carry my camera round 24/7 in the hope something will happen. The new Sony Ericsson phones are coming out with 5MP cameras and 2MP on the iPhone (plus no flash/camera light as far as I can tell) is a little sub-standard these days.

But as mentioned before, this all falls into irrelevancy because if they put that thing on O2, I’m not going anywhere near it!

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And you all thought I was an Apple Fan!

Posted by Chalky on Sep 16, 2007 in Technology

Well, it doesn’t like I would go as far as some people to show my love for all things Apple! Check out iJustine’s blog Tasty Blog Snack. Justine is also the one who broadcast her unveiling of her 300 page AT&T bill for her iPhone. AT&T have since revised their paper billing procedures as they previously itemised every byte that was downloaded over the EDGE network using the iPhone.

I found out about this through the FSJ Blog, apparently, Fake Steve has been keeping an eye on Justine for a little while.

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Last Day in Scunthorpe (sort of!)

Posted by Chalky on Sep 14, 2007 in Scunthorpe, Work

At some point, I will get around to actually deciding where I actually live and restore some sense of normality!

Today was my last official day working as IT Help Desk Technician at John Leggott College. However, I will be going back in a week’s time to go and install a Mac OS X Tiger Server and Leverage Open Directory and Active Directoy. I’ll then be creating a new image for the iMac clients and installing it to all of them. If I have time afterwards I will be running some training on my Windows Media Services project. All this and more in the space of 3 days!

Although I’ve had a lot of problems in Scunthorpe, it felt weird leaving there but I don’t really know why. I’m sure it’s just the realisation that I’m not going to be doing something that I’ve been doing for a year solid. Does that makes sense? No, I guess it doesn’t! Oh well!



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Paul Field’s Cargo is coming to the Mongomery Hall Theatre in Sheffield.

I have been asked to be the Sound Engineer for the production so wish me luck! It will be good to work on a larger scale to what I’m used to and have the oppourtunity to use all of my equipment all at once! It is hoped that if the production is successful, the Montgomery Hall will be hosting more similar productions. This is certainly very good as I do like the Montgomery Hall Theatre as is seems more personal. Jill will be singing in the choir for the production.

If you are interested in going to see the production, and I highly recommend you do, you can book tickets (priced at £6) from SCEC on (0114) 272 0455. Hope to see you there! More information can be found below and at Paul Field’s Website.

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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Posted by Chalky on Sep 11, 2007 in Random

I’ve recently discovered an become addicted to reading The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs aka. Fake Steve Jobs. Yet again, I’m way behind everyone else as this blog has been around for a heck of a long time, and Fake Steve has already been revealed as Forbes.com’s Daniel Lyons.

Either way, even if you aren’t a fan of Apple, or computers in general, it is a pretty funny and interesting read!



Lou and Andy on Neighbours!

Posted by Chalky on Sep 9, 2007 in Random

Yes, I know that this happened ages ago, but seeing as I haven’t watched Neighbours for the best part of a year, I’ve only just seen this. It’s probably one of the habits I’ll slip back into once I’m settled back in Sheffield, if the crummy TV reception doesn’t get in the way.

It’s interesting to discover that Little Britain is very popular over in Australia. It does make one wonder whether they see it as a comedy or as a documentary!

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Back in Sheffield (sort of!)

Posted by Chalky on Sep 8, 2007 in Scunthorpe, Sheffield

Today I have begun the long process of moving back all of my stuff from Scunthorpe to Sheffield. The idea is that I move the vast majority of my stuff today, start putting everything where it’s going to live on Sunday and then go back to Scunthorpe for my last week at JLC. This will leave me with the bare minimum of stuff for my final week which I can then bung in a suitcase and then come home.

The fact that my computer is still connected and that I’m sat here writing on the Blog shows that I have done absolutely no packing whatsoever and that this is going to be a very long day!


iMac in disgrace!

Posted by Chalky on Sep 7, 2007 in Computer

I finally decided that I’d rebuild my iMac as it was running pretty slowly and my Utilities folder had magically disappeared.

I’ve re-installed Mac OS X 1.04 (Tiger) but I’m beginning to wonder whether I should have waited for Leopard to come out first before starting from scratch!

The iMac is now in disgrace because I decided now, as I’m going back to uni, to give Boot Camp a try. The iMac is running Microsoft Windows Vista Business with all of the Boot Camp drivers. I am quite surprised as to how well it was working on the Mac, although it really doesn’t look right having such an ugly Operating Systems on a machine so beautifully designed! Although, I suppose it could be worse, Vista is considerably prettier than XP just awful to use!

I then decided to be a little more adventurous and have now installed SWSoft’s Paralells Desktop for Mac. This allows me to boot my Boot Camp volume concurrently with Mac OS X! Meaning I get all the benefits of both OS X and Vista. This means I can take full advantage of Microsoft Office 2007, as I find Office 2004 for Mac to be pale in comparison to the Windows version.

Anyhoo, I’m sure you’re all suitably bored with my ramblings, so I’ll shut up now!



My friend Tom has produced a response to “iMac in disgrace” and gives you “VAIO in disgrace”:

VAIO in disgrace