Christian 'Guitar Hero' game planned

Posted by Chalky on Aug 30, 2008 in Church, Computer

I saw this article over on DigitalSpy and it gave me a chuckle!

A Christian clone of Activision’s Guitar Hero is to be launched for the PC and Apple Mac.

Guitar Praise, which is being created in the US, will see users play along to Christian rock acts.

Developer Digital Praise writes of the game: “Grab the guitar and play along with top Christian bands! Shred those riffs or blast the bass…you add a unique sound to the solid Christian rock… you’ll soon be rockin’ with the best while praising the Lord.

“As the song and lyrics play, colorful notes scroll down the screen. Players must keep up by matching the notes to the fret buttons on the guitar controller included with the game”.

The game, which has no association with Activision or Harmonix, will feature 52 tracks from original Christian rock bands and offers the option of unlocking more songs as the player progresses.

Guitar Praise is scheduled for release in the US next month. A UK release has yet to be confirmed.

What on earth will they think of next?

I’m pretty sure they’ll be several Lawsuits from Activision along the way!


R.I.P. The Cooling Towers

Posted by Chalky on Aug 26, 2008 in Random, Sheffield

Scarily, it seems to be becoming a recurring theme that I’m paying homage to things that have been destroyed. After only just posting about the demise of Weston-super-Mare Pier, I’m talking about the downfall of the much loved Cooling Towers in Tinsley, Sheffield just next to the M1.

These iconic structures have lined the horizon of Sheffield for many years and always served as a reminder that you were home.

Thousands turned out to see the demolition of the towers, unfortunately, I was down in Somerset and was unable to pay my respects to them. It was pleasing to see that they didn’t go down without a fight! Makes you wonder if E:ON’s claims of them being structurally unsound was a valid one though.

There is one thing that is really bugging and puzzling me about the demolition of the towers: Why the hell weren’t they listed? It is thought that these were the last examples of pre-1950′s Cooling Towers and nobody thought that this was an important part of this country’s heritage? How can an eye-sore like Park Hill Flats, which are apparently fine examples of 1950′s architecture (precisely the reason they should be knocked down), be considered as a listed building and the Cooling Towers not be?

It was good to see that so many people turning out and that there was so much media attention about the Towers, just a shame that it was too little, too late. One other confusing thing was that The Guardian article quoted as them being nicknamed Bill and Ben the flowerpot men. I don’t know a single person who has ever referred to them as Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, please correct me if I’m wrong though!

Image courtesy of Foto43


R.I.P. Weston-super-Mare Pier

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I know it’s been nearly a month since the Pier at Weston-super-Mare was engulfed in flames but it’s not until this week that I’ve seen the wreckage in all it’s glory.

I was actually suprised at how little damage was done. I mean I know there used to be a huge pavilion sat on top of the Pier but I thought the whole thing had dissolved into the sea! As it turned out, the whole structure of the Pier was still there and it was just the top of the end bit that had been destroyed; The firefighters managed to save the vast majority of the Pier.

People are still able to visit the attractions and shops along the main part of the Pier and you are able to walk up the Pier to where the fire damaged area is:

Whilst I’m very sorry that the Pier caught fire, the one thing I can’t understand is the mentality of certain people and how morally, Grand Pier Limited can do this. The Pier is owned and run by Kerry & Michelle Michael trading as a limited company, therefore, it is not run as a charity but a commercial business. As such, it is imagined that the company has insurance for the Pier and therefore will be receiving a payout from this insurance company.

Yet despite this, there are tins and signs all over the Pier asking for donations for the return of the Pavilion! I’m really unsure which is worse, a commercial company fleecing the pubic or the idiots actually stupid enough to give a donation! Would you give a donation if your local bank burned to the ground? I don’t think so!


Poor Clarence :(

Posted by Chalky on Aug 25, 2008 in Bad Luck, Driving

Today, I woke up to the wonderful news that my car has been broken into. They got in through the passenger-side window and stole my TomTom and iPod out of the Glovebox. It’ll be a while before I can afford to replace them but I suppose a lesson has been learned.

On a more positive note, I have to say I am very impressed with the way that Admiral has dealt with everything. The phone was answered immediately by a UK call centre and the representative was both helpful and polite. I’ve decided to just claim for the Window to be replaced rather than putting in a full Theft Claim as I’d lose my (already none-existant) No Claims Bonus and they’d only give me £100 for the lot so it was hardly worth it.

Anyway, National Windscreens (who I’m also pretty chuffed with) should be here at 1:30 so we’ll see what’s what.



Day Five (Wednesday 20th August)

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Today, I took the Mother and the Sister out to where Faith works so that they could go off and do yet more shopping, cue sigh. I’d decided that I’d already endured more than enough shopping for one holiday so I was just happy to drop them off. However, this did mean that I was left with the task of entertaining Colin for the rest of the day. Whilst I was taking Mum and Jill to meet Faith, I’d left him shooting targets, birds and cans on Wii Play on Jill’s Wii. On the way back, I had the brainwave that maybe I should treat him to taking him somewhere. When I got back to the house, I told Colin to get ready because I was taking him somewhere, but I didn’t elude as to where we were going. In the car, Colin kept asking me where we were going, he isn’t a lover of surprises so I enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t going to tell him. I was in fact on my way to the Seaton Tramway Fleet Air Arm Museum Haynes Motor Museum.

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Day Three (Monday 18th August)

Posted by Chalky on Aug 19, 2008 in Holiday

Today took us to the Sheppy’s Cider Brewery in Taunton. The place itself was somewhat disappointing. We thought that we might actually get to see the Cider being made and that the museum aspect would be of some interest. As it turned out, you couldn’t see anything. The ‘viewing gallery’ gave a wonderful insight into the world of Swallow poo and a nest full of baby Swallows. In terms of Cider-making, we saw a bunch of Vats containing the stuff and the marvellous smell of it but not of the actual making of it, which was a bit of a disappointment.
The ‘museum’ cost £3 for the joy of watching an old VHS tape of the historic Cider-making process. It sounded a bit crap so we decided to give it a miss and head for the Café instead. Here, I had the most amazing Bacon Baguette ever! The Baguette was huge and was lined with no less than 5 rashers of bacon. This was topped off with a Deluxe Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Squirty Cream. Lovely!
We then wandered down to the shop to see what they had on offer. They did not offer any taster samples which was a bit disappointing so I just went on what was said on the labels. I decided to go for the Oakwood Supreme, a medium-sweet cider fermented and matured in oak vats, apparently. I also went for the Cider with Honey, which reckons to be made from pure Somerset honey, purely because it looked interesting and I thought the combination of Cider and Honey might also be interesting. I suppose we’ll soon find out!

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Off to Somerset

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After a four hour, 250 mile journey, we finally arrived in Nether Stowey in Somerset. We didn’t arrive until the small hours of the morning because Colin decided that he wanted to finish off my Mum’s car even though he knew we would be going in my car. He then decided he wasn’t going to come because he hadn’t finished the car. He wanted us to go without him and then he’d come down later in the Laguna when he’d fixed it. He didn’t seem to see that this made absolutely no sense, but it is becoming increasing difficult to reason with him when he is in that sort of mood, especially when he hasn’t taken his tablets, which he hadn’t. Anyway, after leaving him to his own devices for a while whist we went to fill Clarence up and to drop off a DVD, Mum managed to persuade him to reluctantly come with us.
Once we were on the road, the drive down to Nether Stowey was very quiet. Them lot all fell asleep on the way down, leaving me with just the iPod for company.


In Loving Memory:

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Always Use the Postcode

You can shout across a valley
When your friend is standing by.
Smoke signals from a hill top
Can puff up to the sky.
Talking drums in Africa
May warn that foes are near.
But a letter is far better
When it comes from someone dear.

In past the stagecoach
Braved highwaymen and such
To carry mail and passengers
And keep our folk ‘in touch’.
But letters then were rarer
(Tho’ penned with flowing hand)
‘Cos families stayed together -
It’s easy to understand.

Now, always use the Postcode
When you’ve sealed the envelope.
It’s not a pointless exercise.
No – the G.P.O. can cope
But we can really help them
By always writing down
The letters and the numbers
Of the destination Town.

John Wentworth Standley

5th September 1926 – 1st January 2007


We're back, new and improved!

Posted by Chalky on Aug 8, 2008 in Random

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Well no, not really. Suffice to say I’m back and that’s about it!

After playing with some website stuff with Heather (a website for Ferdinando’s), I decided it was probably high time that I resurrected the old blog. It died an unfortunate death when I moved between servers and I’ve never really been bothered to get it up and running again! But after a renewed interest in all things webular, I decided to put the effort in and get it back. I think I’ve managed to get everything back how it was before but if you notice something missing, let me know via a comment!

I’m going to try and fill in some of the gaps so that it looks like I’ve made some kind of an effort!