Off to Somerset

Posted by Chalky on Aug 16, 2008 in Holiday |

After a four hour, 250 mile journey, we finally arrived in Nether Stowey in Somerset. We didn’t arrive until the small hours of the morning because Colin decided that he wanted to finish off my Mum’s car even though he knew we would be going in my car. He then decided he wasn’t going to come because he hadn’t finished the car. He wanted us to go without him and then he’d come down later in the Laguna when he’d fixed it. He didn’t seem to see that this made absolutely no sense, but it is becoming increasing difficult to reason with him when he is in that sort of mood, especially when he hasn’t taken his tablets, which he hadn’t. Anyway, after leaving him to his own devices for a while whist we went to fill Clarence up and to drop off a DVD, Mum managed to persuade him to reluctantly come with us.
Once we were on the road, the drive down to Nether Stowey was very quiet. Them lot all fell asleep on the way down, leaving me with just the iPod for company.