Day Three (Monday 18th August)

Posted by Chalky on Aug 19, 2008 in Holiday |

Today took us to the Sheppy’s Cider Brewery in Taunton. The place itself was somewhat disappointing. We thought that we might actually get to see the Cider being made and that the museum aspect would be of some interest. As it turned out, you couldn’t see anything. The ‘viewing gallery’ gave a wonderful insight into the world of Swallow poo and a nest full of baby Swallows. In terms of Cider-making, we saw a bunch of Vats containing the stuff and the marvellous smell of it but not of the actual making of it, which was a bit of a disappointment.
The ‘museum’ cost £3 for the joy of watching an old VHS tape of the historic Cider-making process. It sounded a bit crap so we decided to give it a miss and head for the Café instead. Here, I had the most amazing Bacon Baguette ever! The Baguette was huge and was lined with no less than 5 rashers of bacon. This was topped off with a Deluxe Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Squirty Cream. Lovely!
We then wandered down to the shop to see what they had on offer. They did not offer any taster samples which was a bit disappointing so I just went on what was said on the labels. I decided to go for the Oakwood Supreme, a medium-sweet cider fermented and matured in oak vats, apparently. I also went for the Cider with Honey, which reckons to be made from pure Somerset honey, purely because it looked interesting and I thought the combination of Cider and Honey might also be interesting. I suppose we’ll soon find out!

Colin went for a gallon of Farmhouse Draught which comes in a huge plastic barrel with a air-release-valve-type-thing. This meant that we had to keep it upright all the way home because it had the potential to leak, which it did. The good thing about it though is that once you’ve devoured the entire gallon of cider, you can have it refilled for a reduced price. I have a strong feeling that we’ll probably be able to take them up on that offer because Colin’s been going at it like there’s no tomorrow! He also opted for a bottle of the Cider with Honey because he also found it somewhat intriguing.

My Mum, not being a lover of Cider, bought some Devonshire biscuits (in the middle of Somerset, sigh) and bought a smaller, pot version, of Colin’s huge barrel of Cider to go with the other endless piles of ‘knick-nacks’ that she decorates the house with. Why she didn’t buy it with the Cider in so that one of us could drink it (it cost pretty much the same with or without) is beyond me. She probably didn’t want it smelling of Cider or something, who knows! I wouldn’t really mind the house smelling of Cider, but there we go!