Happy 50th Birthday Mum!

Posted by Chalky on Dec 18, 2008 in Random |

On Friday, it was my Mum’s 50th Birthday. We woke up extra early to see her opening her presents before me and Jill had to toddle off to work. She did pretty well on the present front scoring, amongst other things, an iPod Nano and speakers, a Love Links chain and £100 in cash.

On Saturday, the real celebrations began. First we went out for a meal with close family and friends at The Moorlands. It was a great atmosphere and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves which was great. In the evening, we had a ‘do’ down at Woodseats Methodist where family and friends were invited to celebrate Mum’s birthday. We had a buffet from Think Sandwich on Abbey Lane which was both tasty and expansive. In the end, we had to give over half of it away to the Salvation Army, I think it will have kept them going for a few days!

My hat goes off to my sister Jill who put so much time and effort into the weekend. I felt bad that I wasn’t more involved but at the same time it was good because I knew that if it had been left up to me, I would have made a complete pig’s ear hole of the whole thing. I’m better sticking to what I know. Speaking of which, as part of the celebrations, I made my now seemingly obligatory slideshow depicting my Mother throughout the centuries:

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Other photos from the celebrations can be found here.