Signs of Age

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With my 23rd birthday having been and gone, whilst down South in Surrey a few weekends ago, I started to contemplate that fact that I am getting old (as you do). I came to this conclusion due to a number of reasons which I thought I’d share with you:

·         Openly Complaining

Those who know me well will wonder what I’m on about as I’m known for my moaning about pretty much anything. But it’s progressed beyond that, I find myself openly complaining about random things; Instead of complaining quietly afterwards, I’ll complain to the company/persons involved.

For example, on the way down to Surrey a week last Friday, travelling down the M1, I drove past Leicester. My daily dose of Paramore kept getting interrupted because BBC Radio Leicester kept broadcastingthe RDS TA (Radio Data System Traffic Alert) Flag. Normally this is a good thing because you are kept up to date with the lastest Travel News. However, on this occasion BBC Radio Leicester were broadcasting the flag and playing some dire Caribbean/Reggae music. Each time I switched back to my CD, the flag was sent again.

It got to the point where i actually rung up BBC Radio Leicester to complain about it! See what I mean!

·         Referring to my Youth

Now, it’s not quite “When I was a lad, things were diffrerent, young peoplehad respect for their elders.” But, I do find myself reminising days gone by and I often talk about School/Sixth Form/University life as though it was many moons ago when, in actual fact, it was only a couple of years ago.

·         Commenting on Students’ Dress Sense

I know that I haven’t got any reason to talk, I’m hardly the fashion item of theCentury, but I just find some of the clothes that the Students at work wear are completely mental. It’s even just clothes really, for example, there is one Student at work who has bright orange hair. When I say bright orange, it more bright than any orange I can find in the text colour selector. It’s bright highlighter orange and basically looks like they’ve cracked a Stabilo Boss pen over their head!

I mean, I didn’t even think they made hair dye in that colour, I wonder if it was some kind of custom mixture. Although, it’s not like I hang around the Hair Dye aisle of Tesco so for all i know, it would be their best selling Dye!

So, it could just be my old age but I just can’t imagine how that could be thought as looking good. I mean, it must be a good thing for their friends because they’ll never be able to lose her, even if they wanted to! No offence to the Student though, I’m sure she thinks she looks great.

·         Inability to handle alcohol

“Back in the day,” I used to be known for my ability to down drinks rapidly. However, in recent months, I’ve found that this ‘skill’ has somewhat dwindled. Even if I want to, I can no longer down a Pint of Carling like I used to be able to. In fact, it takes me nearly an hour to drink a Pint these days.

·         No idea of who 95% of the people in the UK Top 40 are and have no desire to listen to their ‘music’

I don’t know if this is to do with age generally or just because my taste in music has changed/got stuck in a timewarp over the years. Either way, I couldn’t tell you more than 2 or 3 people that are currently in the UK Top 40, nor could I recongise the songs associated with those artists.

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