At the Beeb

Posted by Chalky on Dec 29, 2008 in Random |

BBC LogoAfter spending too much time in the new Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City area and finding absolutely nowhere to have something to eat, we decided to pop across to Val’s Office at Television Centre to nosh our recently acquired sandwiches from Eat. 

Prank Patrol VanOn the way into Television Centre I spotted the Prank Patrol Van hidden in a corner of the complex. For those who don’t know this is CBBC’s latest hidden camera show where children play tricks on their friends and relatives and is shown on BBC Two and the CBBC Channel.

BBC Visitor's BadgeAfter signing in, we wondered through several buildings to reach Val’s Office Block. We went past the area where Studio Audiences wait before going in to the Studio, which features a BBC Shop. We also went through one of the BBC Prop Stores on the way through. Here, we saw some of the drapes and curtains used for Strictly Come Dancing and the Blue Peter set.

Val's OfficeWhen we reached Val’s Office, we tucked into our late lunch. I had a spicy seafood pasta salad which was rather nice and a Lemon Cheesecake which was equally as nice. We slouched about for a bit and watched a few classic epiosodes of Top Gear, what more could you want! Well, there was Table Football but no-one wanted to have a game with me :( .

Ice Skating After returning from London, we went Ice Skating at Hampton Court Palace. It wasn’t as busy as it has been in past years which made it all the more enjoyable even though my ankles were killing by the end of it! I’m also pleased to say that I didn’t fall over which is always a bonus. At the end of the Skating Session, I was treated to a Galaxy Hot Chocolate with a generous shot of Baileys and Squirty Cream on top!