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Posted by Chalky on Jan 23, 2009 in Random |

A friend offered to do me a Tarot Reading. I have always been very skeptical of this but with recent events, thought I might as well give it a shot. I mean, what have I got to lose? I can’t kill me, can it?

Recently, I’ve been having a few second thoughts about work so I asked it a couple of questions. The first being:

Should I apply for another job?

This first time, I drew one card:

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

If we could wish for any of the Pentacle cards this would be the one! The 10 of Pentacles represents all the wonderful conditions and material things we can accomplish in this lifetime.

This card shows a stable family with the riches we all dream of. This family has worked hard for long periods of time, maybe even generations, to accomplish this type of security: The grandparents, parents, and children represent several generations of acquiring this financial stability.

This card comes up often when the purchase of a large item, such as a house or car, is in your future. You have the money or the financing to be able to attain your dream with the 10 of Pentacles. If it seems out of your reach, your family may be able to help or a bank loan is on the horizon.

everything is simply wonderful in the world now. Not only do you have money, you have security as well. Your wise investments will last a long time, providing a strong stable foundation for future generations as well as for yourself. Great wealth or great security! We’ll take both!


So, it was looking pretty good for getting a new job perhaps. So I asked another question:

If I stick with Leggott, will I receive a suitable pay rise?

This time, I drew 3 cards to represent the Past, Present and Future:



The Hermit (Reversed)

The Hermit (Reversed)


When The Hermit is reversed, the Lantern of Truth is about to go out. As the light fades, The Hermit feels the cold in the air, and the snow comes down upon him. Then the light goes out, and when this happens you may need to review a few lessons you might have missed. Upside down, no one is listening to The Hermit and he truly feels alone in the darkness; even his walking stick can’t balance him anymore.

In his reversed position, The Hermit suggests that wisdom is disregarded. Perhaps you’re not listening to your own advice, or paying attention to others who have been there before. History can repeat itself, remember, and your refusal to learn from your past can lead to foolish decisions. There’s also a tendency to daydream or wish for something to happen without taking any action when this card appears. The Hermit reversed can mean your head’s in the clouds. so you’re unaware of how dark it really is outside.


4 of Wands (Reversed)

Four of Wands (Reversed)


This is a good card either way! The 4 of Wands reversed represents that, while the celebration isn’t as big or spectacular, nonetheless, congratulations are due. When the 4 of Wands is reversed, you’re learning to appreciate the little joys of life, such as the first flower to blossom in sprint, the first step a baby makes, a breath of fresh air, the final payment on the mortgage!

These are the blessings in the life you often see but sometimes don’t notice. The 4 of Wands reversed is thankful for the people and conditions around you and happy that the basics are secured. It’s time to give a little thanks for that you do have, not batter how big or small.


Nine of Swords (Reversed)

Nine of Swords (Reversed)


In it’s reversed meaning, the 9 of Swords shows the woman getting through the traumatic event or conditions in her life. Time will bring healing as all things heal with time. Tomorrow is a new day.

Patience and prayer can help you pass through the long journey. This card can indicate that the goodness of a loved one is coming, or that the life-threatening surgery was a success. The dark cloud of trauma will pass and you’ll have developed strength of character because of it, along with the awareness that you can surmount a major tragedy.

So, on the face of it, it would seem I should be pretty safe if I stick with JLC. Interesting!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into a crazy person living my life by Tarot Cards, Fate and Fortune Telling, but I just thought that it was interesting. I suppose there’s only one way to find out if the Cards were right, but I’m still no closer to deciding what I should do!