Chalky’s Premier Inn Review Corner

Posted by Chalky on Mar 14, 2009 in Review |

Premier Inn LogoAs most of you will know, I spend rather a lot of my weekends visiting various Premier Inns (previously known as Premier Travel Inns). I thought it was probably time that I started reviewing some of them because whilst most things are exactly the same wherever you go, there are some subtle differences. There is also, the all important Customer Service which I have found to be where there tends to be the greatest variance between Inns.

Premier Inn’s always follow the same format, being situated next to some form of eatery/drinking hole. These are generally pub restaurants which are also open to the general public, meaning that if you are staying at a City Centre Inn, you will most likely have to book a table as they do get quite busy, particularly at weekends. It will also be particularly busy if the restaurant is a popular chain like TGI Friday’s. Breakfast is also served in the same restaurant but is only open to Guests at this time and therefore, booking is not required and it won’t be packed out however most Inns prefer you book breakfast at the same time as checking in. Premier Inns do not offer ‘in-house’ catering and facilities are limited to the tea and coffee in your room although some are equipped with a Vending Machine for cold drinks, crisps and sweets.

Whitbread LogoPremier Inns are owned now owned by the Whitbread and, as a result, are often seen next to Brewers Fayre, TableTable, Beefeater and Taybarns restaurants. However, old Premier Inns are situated next to a wide variety of restaurants including TGI Friday’s and Two For One (previously a Whitbread brand).

One thing I pick up on, being wierd and all, is that a lot of Premier Inns house the advert featuring Lenny Henry as a big cardboard cut-out many moons past the TV campaign. In fact, there’s no signs of the campaign on the t’internet  (bar YouTube) anymore. Anyway, it always draws my attention because Lenny features a friendly rubber duck in all of these ads, however, I am yet to find a Premier Inn where the company of a rubber duck is included with the room! I think they should really!

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