Posted by Chalky on Feb 22, 2013 in Random

As part of my efforts to try and catch up, here’s what I got up to in Glasgow last month!

Hilton LogoI have been collecting Tesco Clubcard points for some time now, spending £250 a month on Petrol helps a little, so that I could afford a little break away in Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland before so I thought I’d give it a whirl. By the time I had saved up enough Clubcard points to do anything useful, all of the hotels in Edinburgh (where I originally wanted to go, had already been booked up. So I ended up with Glasgow’s second Hilton, the Glasgow Grosvenor.

Unfortunately, best laid plans and everything, not everything went to plan so I ended up going with my Mum to Glasgow as she had never been either. What I thought would turn out to be a pretty crappy weekend turned out to be very enjoyable in the end and it was good to spend some quality time with my Mum, something I haven’t really done before.

On arrival at the hotel, we found that there was absolutely nowhere to park; The Grosvenor didn’t have a proper Car Park and had Guests literally dumping their cars in the Loading Bar around the side of the hotel, which was heaving, or you could put your car very insecurely at the top of the local supermarket Car Park. I was a bit disappointed to say the least especially when I get CCTV covered secure parking when I visited a Premier Inn for less than half the price! I decided to dump mine outside the front entrance, Clarence the C3 sticking out like a sore thumb along the Aston Martin’s!

After checking in, we headed up to the room which was on the second floor. The corridors were nicely decorated as we walked down towards our room. They clearly keep their best rooms for the people who are paying with Tesco Clubcard vouchers, check out our wonderful view:

The Hotel View!

The room itself was OK, but I was really expecting a lot more for £120 per night. The bathroom was better than the rest of the room put together which left me disappointed; I get more from a £50 a night Premier Inn. In the hotel room, we noticed a Price List for the hotel’s affiliate bar, the Bobar. I’m sure it is supposed to be pronounced bo-bar but we found quite amusing to pronounce it the bob-ar, Yorkshire citizens will probably appreciate that more than others! We managed to fit a quick visit in for a drink before we headed back to Sheffield.

On the Friday evening, we just pottered around the Hotel, making plans for what we were going to do on the Saturday.

Overall, I really enjoyed the weekend break even if I was a little bit disappointed with what the Hilton had to offer as I don’t really think they are worth the extra money. Maybe I just had a bad experience but I think I’ll be sticking to the trusty Premier Inn in the meantime!