Google Street View is GO!

Posted by Chalky on Mar 19, 2009 in Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Technology, Work

James found this little gem on the BBC News website today.

Google have made their first set of UK Street View images live including Sheffield and, rather suprisingly, Scunthorpe.

Greenhill Avenue

I noticed that from the photo that I’ve still got Percy the Punto, which dates the Street View car’s visit before 21st July which is when I took delivery of Clarence the C3. However, when being extra sad, I noticed that my friend’s new car is in pride of place on her driveway which narrows down the visit between 18th July and 20th July. Narrowing it down further, one would assume that the area was done on the 18th July because Jill’s car isn’t there, indicating that she would be at work! You will also notice that all the car’s number plates have been blurred out, they have also blurred out people’s faces if they are quite close to the Street View cameras.
As mentioned before, Scunthorpe also features in Google’s lineup of cities that have been Street View’d including where I work:
John Leggott College
It was nice to see it was such a sunny day! From the fact that the Adult Courses Enrolment banner was outside, we think this photograph was taken in September time.
The only little flaw that I did notice is that the disadvatage of it being a nice sunny day is that you actually see the reflection of the Google Street View camera post on the top of the car:
Google Street View Camera
Either way, it’s all pretty cool stuff. Of course, this has already generated some media coverage in terms of people’s privacy. As I mentioned before, people’s faces are already blurred and I don’t really see what the problem is! Admittedly, we did manage to see James’ partner through his bedroom window which was a bit of a suprise!



Clarence in Disgrace

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Clarence, a literal shadow of his former self

Clarence, a literal shadow of his former self

On Monday, I took the extremely long way home, via Recovery Truck! I 

Whilst on the M180, I began to smell a funny smell. I’m almost certain it wasn’t actually my car that was causing the smell but by this time, I was so paranoid about the whole thing that I didn’t really want to carry on. I pulled onto the Hard Shoulder and called the AA. They said that I would be placed on the High Priority list seeing as I was stranded on the Motorway rather than being in a safer location. An hour later, a Recovery Truck pulled up behind me.

The Recovery Man was a very friendly man and had lots of interesting things to talk about. He had been a roofer for 22 years and then one day, a voice inside him said that he couldn’t do it anymore and explained that a few of his friends had had similar experiences, ignored them and then died a few weeks later from accidents at work. He decided to follow the voice in his head and gave up in favour of his current job.

We also talked about the current drinking culture in the UK and about Christmas and the New Year. It certainly made the journey a lot easier as I had visions of sitting in silence for the whole one and a half hour journey. 

After arriving just across the road from my house, we un-loaded the stricken Clarence and, after directing him to the local KFC, limped the C3 the rest of the way home. 

I’m currently using Percy, my Mk. 1 FIAT Punto to get me to and from work. Thank heavens I hadn’t got round to selling it yet! Looks like I’ll need to call in a few favours with my Uncle when he gets back of holiday! 

Thanks to Nitesh for suggesting my car should by called The Giddy-me-up to KFC Chariot instead of Clarence… He knows me so well!



I Passed!

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Today I ventured to Scunthorpe for the day of reckoning! Today was the day of my driving test. As you can tell from the title, I passed my driving test with flying colours!

I recieved 3 minor faults for my steering, apparently I don’t follow the curve of junctions and just turn at 90 degree angles… Neither me or my driving instructor have noticed it before… Oh well!


Last Day in Scunthorpe (sort of!)

Posted by Chalky on Sep 14, 2007 in Scunthorpe, Work

At some point, I will get around to actually deciding where I actually live and restore some sense of normality!

Today was my last official day working as IT Help Desk Technician at John Leggott College. However, I will be going back in a week’s time to go and install a Mac OS X Tiger Server and Leverage Open Directory and Active Directoy. I’ll then be creating a new image for the iMac clients and installing it to all of them. If I have time afterwards I will be running some training on my Windows Media Services project. All this and more in the space of 3 days!

Although I’ve had a lot of problems in Scunthorpe, it felt weird leaving there but I don’t really know why. I’m sure it’s just the realisation that I’m not going to be doing something that I’ve been doing for a year solid. Does that makes sense? No, I guess it doesn’t! Oh well!


Back in Sheffield (sort of!)

Posted by Chalky on Sep 8, 2007 in Scunthorpe, Sheffield

Today I have begun the long process of moving back all of my stuff from Scunthorpe to Sheffield. The idea is that I move the vast majority of my stuff today, start putting everything where it’s going to live on Sunday and then go back to Scunthorpe for my last week at JLC. This will leave me with the bare minimum of stuff for my final week which I can then bung in a suitcase and then come home.

The fact that my computer is still connected and that I’m sat here writing on the Blog shows that I have done absolutely no packing whatsoever and that this is going to be a very long day!


Living Next to a Murder Scene

Posted by Chalky on Jun 25, 2007 in Scunthorpe

Yesterday, on my way out of town, I noticed a hive activity on Digby Street, which runs along the end of my road. There was Police everywhere and blue Police tape running along the road, blocking it off to the pubic:

Police Tape

I made a joke, saying someone must have been murdered and went along on my way. Today, however, to my horror I found out that my ‘joke’ was actually the reality of the matter and that someone had actually indeed been mudered at 3:25am.

Needless to say, I’m beginning to wonder whether I would have been better off staying at Lichfield Avenue, at least there you only get robbed!

Below is a piccy to demonstrate just how close the Murder Scene is to my house!

Murder Scene

Click here to see the Scunthorpe Telegraph article.