Google Street Stalk!

Posted by Chalky on Mar 23, 2009 in Sheffield, Technology

Since seeing the News Article on the BBC Technology News Website, people have been frantically trying to find themselves on Google Street View. I managed to find Percy the Punto outside my house and after thinking of how it might be possible to find myself in two places at once, I found Clarence the C3 still on the forecourt of the Woodseats Motor Company on Woodseats Road:

Clarence at Woodseats Motor Company

On Friday, my Dad showed me his claim to fame:

Google Street View - DadGoogle Street View - DadGoogle Street View - Dad

A few people have expressed concern over being found on Google Street View. However, I think that it’s not really much of an issue, most faces are either blurred or of too low a quality to distinguish. Unless you saw the Google Street View Car driving by or can remember exactly where you were when it drove by, there’s not a great chance that you’re going to be noticed. But that’s just my opinion.



Google Street View is GO!

Posted by Chalky on Mar 19, 2009 in Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Technology, Work

James found this little gem on the BBC News website today.

Google have made their first set of UK Street View images live including Sheffield and, rather suprisingly, Scunthorpe.

Greenhill Avenue

I noticed that from the photo that I’ve still got Percy the Punto, which dates the Street View car’s visit before 21st July which is when I took delivery of Clarence the C3. However, when being extra sad, I noticed that my friend’s new car is in pride of place on her driveway which narrows down the visit between 18th July and 20th July. Narrowing it down further, one would assume that the area was done on the 18th July because Jill’s car isn’t there, indicating that she would be at work! You will also notice that all the car’s number plates have been blurred out, they have also blurred out people’s faces if they are quite close to the Street View cameras.
As mentioned before, Scunthorpe also features in Google’s lineup of cities that have been Street View’d including where I work:
John Leggott College
It was nice to see it was such a sunny day! From the fact that the Adult Courses Enrolment banner was outside, we think this photograph was taken in September time.
The only little flaw that I did notice is that the disadvatage of it being a nice sunny day is that you actually see the reflection of the Google Street View camera post on the top of the car:
Google Street View Camera
Either way, it’s all pretty cool stuff. Of course, this has already generated some media coverage in terms of people’s privacy. As I mentioned before, people’s faces are already blurred and I don’t really see what the problem is! Admittedly, we did manage to see James’ partner through his bedroom window which was a bit of a suprise!



R.I.P. The Cooling Towers

Posted by Chalky on Aug 26, 2008 in Random, Sheffield

Scarily, it seems to be becoming a recurring theme that I’m paying homage to things that have been destroyed. After only just posting about the demise of Weston-super-Mare Pier, I’m talking about the downfall of the much loved Cooling Towers in Tinsley, Sheffield just next to the M1.

These iconic structures have lined the horizon of Sheffield for many years and always served as a reminder that you were home.

Thousands turned out to see the demolition of the towers, unfortunately, I was down in Somerset and was unable to pay my respects to them. It was pleasing to see that they didn’t go down without a fight! Makes you wonder if E:ON’s claims of them being structurally unsound was a valid one though.

There is one thing that is really bugging and puzzling me about the demolition of the towers: Why the hell weren’t they listed? It is thought that these were the last examples of pre-1950′s Cooling Towers and nobody thought that this was an important part of this country’s heritage? How can an eye-sore like Park Hill Flats, which are apparently fine examples of 1950′s architecture (precisely the reason they should be knocked down), be considered as a listed building and the Cooling Towers not be?

It was good to see that so many people turning out and that there was so much media attention about the Towers, just a shame that it was too little, too late. One other confusing thing was that The Guardian article quoted as them being nicknamed Bill and Ben the flowerpot men. I don’t know a single person who has ever referred to them as Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, please correct me if I’m wrong though!

Image courtesy of Foto43


Back in Sheffield (sort of!)

Posted by Chalky on Sep 8, 2007 in Scunthorpe, Sheffield

Today I have begun the long process of moving back all of my stuff from Scunthorpe to Sheffield. The idea is that I move the vast majority of my stuff today, start putting everything where it’s going to live on Sunday and then go back to Scunthorpe for my last week at JLC. This will leave me with the bare minimum of stuff for my final week which I can then bung in a suitcase and then come home.

The fact that my computer is still connected and that I’m sat here writing on the Blog shows that I have done absolutely no packing whatsoever and that this is going to be a very long day!


Sheffield Underwater!

Posted by Chalky on Jun 27, 2007 in Sheffield

I’ve been made aware more today at the extent of the damage that has happened to my hometown of Sheffield. The Medowhall Shopping Centre is still closed today and it looks like it will be closed for several days to come. I wonder if the businesses within Meadowhall will be able to claim conpensation for the amount of lost business? Although, one would argue that seeing as the M1 is closed and a lot of Sheffield is underwater, what business would they be losing. I know people like to shop, but in this weather? Surely not!

The Great Meadowhall Flood!

At least the Apple Store is on the second floor of the centre so hopefully it’ll be OK! But it’s scuppered any plans I might have made for taking my iMac in to get the USB ports fixed!

Sheffield United fans were pleased to hear that the Hillsborough Football Ground has been completely ruined, becoming a lake rather than a football pitch!

shefwedsflood_468×312.jpgowls.jpgSheffield Wedesnday Lake

Apparently though, we haven’t heard the end of this yet. The worst is yet to come over the weekend, just when I’m embarking on a visit home on Sunday! It’s a good job I wasn’t really palnning on going anywhere!


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