Where Does This Remind Me Of…?

Posted by Chalky on Mar 23, 2009 in Work


Dogbert the CEO!

Hmmm…. I wonder!

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Dilbert’s New Business

Posted by Chalky on Jan 19, 2009 in Work

To lighten the mood a little, we’ve had the Daily Dilbert cartoon on the College Intranet (based on Sharepoint) for a couple of months. I like the Diblert cartoons because, although lighthearted, are very true to life!

Today’s particularily struck me as being sneaky and clever with a subtle advert, as all adverts should be:

Clever Advertising

dilbertfilesThe domain is valid and hosts a new MegaUpload type site but seemingly aimed at more advanced/corporate users with a plug-in for Outlook to help you send large files to friends and colleagues without having problems with upload limits on your e-mail system.