Why you shouldn’t have your boss as a Facebook friend!

Posted by Chalky on Nov 5, 2009 in Funny

I don’t normally circulate things like this on here but this one really made me chuckle! It was sent to me by my boss at work, whom I do actually have as a friend on my Facebook, maybe it was sent as a warning! Time to check my Facebook comments!

Facebook Message



HI Daniel White, check out what we’ve just stolen from Facebook…

Posted by Chalky on Sep 6, 2008 in Rants

Well, I thought I’d keep on with the complaining about Social Networking sites. And why is the silhouette of a woman, let alone the face that if I was stood next to Russell Brand they’d also be a silhouette of a fist!

Does anyone actually still use MySpace?

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When is Contextual not Contextual? When it’s Facebook Contextual!

Posted by Chalky on Sep 5, 2008 in Bad Luck, Rants

Is it me, of has Facebook not quite gathered what a Contextual Ad actually is?

Here’s what our old friend Wikipedia has to say about Contextual Advertising:

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. The advertisements themselves are selected and served by automated systems based on the content displayed to the user.

This is what I also thought a Contextual Ad was. It is odd to me, therefore, that when I logged in a loaded up my Facebook profile today that I was greeted with this:

How charming is that. Get your contexts right Facebook, FIX IT!