Chalky’s 2008 Charts

Posted by Chalky on Jan 1, 2009 in Music
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The end of another year has now been and gone so this morning, I had a look at my favourite Artists and Songs of 2008:

Top 20 Artists for 2008

Top 20 Artists for 2008

 This year was dominated by Blue Man Group who have been up there since I saw them in March. A close second being Paramore who I was fortunate to be introduced to be Heather earlier in the year which culminated in us going to see them twice this year! Amongst others are Cobra Starship and Alkaline Trio whom I saw at Give It A Name at the Sheffield Arena in May (the first gig featuring Paramore).

Overall, it’s been a good year for music. I’ve managed to get myself to a couple of gigs which has been good and with Cobra Starship and Blue Man Group cued up for 2009 already I’m hoping it’s going to be another good year!