How Not To Save Energy with Windows Server 2008

Posted by Chalky on Nov 26, 2008 in Computer, Technology, Work

Having read Microsoft’s documentation on how Energy Efficient Windows Server 2008 is compared to Windows Server 2003, I thought I’d show my findings with some Real World Testing. In the documentation found here (yes, you can only read it if you have Microsoft Office 2007), the graph below is presented:

The following footnote is also included:

Power comparison of server unit only. Does not include external drive arrays. 

This immediately made me realise that the results of the graph would be inaccurate as this means that they will have not installed the Operating System onto the local hardware but a SAN-type array. Meaning that the power usage for the discs would not be included. Anyone who has used Windows Server 2008 or indeed Windows Vista will know that there is excessive disk usage even when the computer is seemingly idle.

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